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Searching for in-home or on-site personalized Fitness, Wellness or Life/Business Coaching services? Pick a time and location, YOU lead connect you with gifted and accomplished trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapists and coaches.


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"M A K I N G    E X C E L L E N C E    S I M P L E    A N D    A C C E S S I B L E"


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Before you can book your first appointment, please create an account on the YOU lead platform. We are using an application to schedule appointments and all payments are processed by credit card only. When done, we will connect you with our provider.

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T   E   S   T   I   M   O   N   I   A   L   S 

M Y   1 on 1   t r a i n i n g

"My plan was to get back in shape for a challenging mountain vacation in the Spring and decided to work out with YOU lead twice a week until then. I imagined personal training as a tough workout but realized it could also be fun! Indeed, my trainer pushes my limits and after two months I now feel stronger, more tonic and balanced in my life.  Always surprised how fast the 50 minutes pass by!"

— Caro,39



You're a personal trainer, a yoga instructor or a massage therapist and you're interested to grow your business? We're here to assist you!

" The dedication and the fascination for the process that successful people have, are at the core of our professionals recruitment. All providers are chosen based on their skills and personality, their love to serve others and capacity of team work." Fabien LEFEVRE, founder of YOU lead.

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